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Enjoy Corona Free African Safaris in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda – Travel with Confidence

The world was brought to a standstill by the advent of the infamous corona virus pandemic (COVID-19). Many world economies were shut in order to protect the citizens from the virus that slowly started as a mere pneumonia cold from the Chinese state of Wuhan and until now the world’s super powers are still fighting tooth and nail to come up with a solution to curb the effects of the pandemic. Thanks to many pharmaceuticals and scientists who are spending sleepless nights to get the vaccine ready and save the innocent lives. For more than 6 month heads of states enforced lockdown in order to slow the spread of the deadly virus and that seemed to work for many countries.

In Africa, states started easing lockdown restrictions as early as August and some countries like Tanzania was never closed and was business as usual.

So you could be worrying about what your next destination should be in relation with the corona pandemic guidelines. Yes, the worry should be over now.

East African countries of Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania are open and ready to provide a chilling and adventurous safari trips for you to forget about the diverse effects of the pandemic with over half a year in lock down and not getting to enjoy the shot precious life.

Undertake a healthy, safe guided safari tours in any of the following countries below; -

Uganda, The Pearl of Africa as was described by Sir Winston Churchill opened her borders and airspace to the world on 01st October, 2020. Following many consultations with health experts and tourism stakeholders, various guide lines and precautionary measures were put in place as standard operational procedures in order to #restart the Tourism industry that which is also the highest forex earner of the country. Uganda prides herself for having the highest number of the remaining Mountain Gorillas staying in the wild (part of Virunga massif that combines the dense rain forest of Bwindi impenetrable forest and Mgahinga national park) and also in Kibale national park the country has the highest concentration of primates and that is why it’s called The primate capital of the world. A 3-day Mountain gorilla safari is most sought after safari for the primate lovers however you can still enjoy the country the most in case you have enough time. so many safari options to choose from depending on your safari preference.

The magical Kenya is another popular destination for many safari enthusiasts. The famous Mara plains, Lake Nakuru, Samburu, Amboseli, Aberdares and many more are a relaxing yet adventurous spots that are a worth your time. Come experience the Masai cultures and the famous wildebeest migration. Checkout our famous safari route that will show you around the beautiful sites of Kenya and Tanzania. It’s truly a magical experience!

Rwanda the land of a thousand hills is a great destination to be. Besides Mountain gorilla trekking in the famous volcanoes national park and walking in the footsteps of Dianey Fossey, this small country is a home for chimpanzees in Nyungwe forest. How about taking on the canopy walk overlooking Africa’s densest rain forest? It’s truly amazing! Lots of beautiful savannah wildlife in Akagera national park and chilling moments beside the famous Lake Kivu overlooking Democratic Republic of Congo from the Western side of Rwanda. Our famous 9 day safari across Rwanda will surely give you the best dose of this beautiful country.

With all the safety measures put in place, Tanzania is now a safe destination to visit post covid. You can again explore the cool plains of Serengeti national park, Ol duvai Gorge, the Ngorongoro craters without forgetting the adorable Lake Manyara and Tarangire in Tanzania. Are you on short work vacations or a long holiday? Tanzania and Zanzibar island will fulfill all your travel dreams. See our famous Tanzania route that will leave you yawning for more adventures

All in all, its easy now to experience the 3 East African countries of Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania with a mix of adventure routes, off the beaten track that combines the great wildebeest migration and Mountain gorilla tracking in Uganda. Talk to us regarding this combination of Wildebeest migration and the Mountain gorilla tracking.

Taking Covid-19 Tests for our Guests

You will be required to have a Covid test and carry with you a negative test certificate issued within 72 hours before your arrival into the country. If we have to take tests, we will be guided by The Ministry of Health and Government of Uganda Guidelines for administering tests to our guests, as well as WHO and IATA recommendations. Currently, it’s only the Ministry of Health and a couple of authorized hospitals and clinics that take Covid tests in Uganda. When leaving the country, your travel operator will drive you to a hospital for a test within the 72-hour time-frame because a certificate is required for your exit (ie. if leaving within 72 hours of your entry).

Wearing Face masks

The WHO has advised that the use of barrier masks and medical masks help contain the spread of Covid-19 and many countries have enacted policies requiring their use in public. Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya all currently have these policies in place and we will require the same for our guests in the public areas. We will have free personal barrier masks available for all our guests

Our staff throughout your trip will be wearing masks, for their own safety and well-being as well as our guests.

Safari Game Drives

Each of our guest group will have a dedicated safari vehicle and driver guide throughout their safari. We guarantee safety for all our guests and social distancing is part of the agenda. Our safari vehicles are operating at half capacity in order to keep you safe.

Groups of 6 or more will have their own vehicles. The safari vehicle seats will be equipped with removable and washable/disposable headrest covers to be cleaned or changed daily after every trip. Your guide will open and close for you the entry door to the safari car, please do not touch or open door handles.

Seat steaming-cleaning or alcohol-sprays will be used to clean fabric covers between uses. All our safari guides are equipped with hand sanitizer to ensure your healthy safety and cleanliness

All our guide will be wearing a mask throughout your journey with them, for both their safety and that of the guest. The mask will be designed to not interfere with their guiding and ability to speak with their clients.

Additionally, to assure your safety, your guide will be tested every 14 days for Covid-19 and will hold a COVID-FREE certificate to that effect. They’ll refrain from shaking hands, hugging, pecking or kissing guests at all times for obvious reasons.

Lastly but not least, let’s all fight the corona virus spread by keeping safe and clean and always keep our masks on so that we can enjoy a corona free African safari. It starts with you and me!

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