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Mountain gorilla permit fee increase.

Mountain gorilla trekking is on top of the bucket list for every traveler to Uganda. For any guest to be granted access to trek the giant forest primates, you will need to obtain a gorilla permit first.

A Gorilla Permit is a legal document issued by the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA), allowing you to be with a Gorilla Family.  UWA issues gorilla Permits and is marketed through primarily the Association of Uganda Tour Operators to the public.

There are presently 180 Gorilla Permits available each day. The minimum age of a participant is 15. The permit is issued not for a particular Gorilla Group, but a sector of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest such as Buhoma, Ruhija, Rushaga, and Nkuringo. 

The Nyakagezi Group in Mgahinga Gorilla Park is different since it is the only group there. Permits are issued for a fixed date. The date can be changed under some circumstances for a fee. The Permit includes Park Entrance Fee for the day of Permit.

Gorilla trekking permit is indeed not cheap as many websites will catch your eyes with phrases like “3-day cheap gorilla trekking safari”. Indeed, this looks like an insult to any African traveler. Yes, In Uganda the gorilla permit is USD 600 As per now till 30TH June, 2020 not forgetting that its USD 900 less in Rwanda. But of course the USD 600 is not cheap considering the fact that it does not include accommodation and meals, transportation. Starting from 01st July 2020, the mountain gorilla trekking permit will then be USD 700.

Gorilla Habituation Experience Permits are $1,500.  The Experience takes place in the Rushaga area of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, and only four permits are available each day for a group.


Don’t make the #1 mistake that most travelers do.

African travelers always make a mistake by thinking that Gorilla Trekking is an afterthought, an add-on to their Time in Africa. Such planning often results in no Gorilla Trekking or Gorilla Habituation Experience Permits.

Africa is a vast continent, and it is not the smartest to go on a Wildlife Safari in South Africa and ad on Gorilla Trekking. East Africa alone has all what you need. How about a safari that combines Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda? A 13-day Wildebeest Migration and Mountain Gorillas will not only give you magical experience but also make you fall in love with East Africa.

Can African Finfoot Safari help to arrange my Gorilla trekking safari?

The fact that African Finfoot Safari a member of Association of Uganda Tour Operators, makes us legally accept to arrange any tourism activity for our guests.

It’s an easy process - once you agree on a Safari, you send us a passport scan for the Gorilla permit.  We purchase the permits and send you a down payment invoice, which includes the permit. We take the hassle out of the process and offer you permits

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